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Hasan Kalyoncu Üniversitesi Web Sayfası
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Hasan Kalyoncu Üniversitesi Web Sayfası
Academic Staff
Professor Celal KORAŞLI
Professor İlhami YEĞİNGİL
Professor Mustafa Sadettin ÖZYAZICI
Associate Professor Gholamreza ANBARJAFARİ
Assistant Professor Hasan Selçuk SELEK
Assistant Professor Bilal EİD
Doctor Kadir Sercan BAYRAM
Assistant Professor Ercüment KARAPINAR
Research Asistant Ali Emre ÖZTÜRK
Research Asistant Fatih ALİSİNANOĞLU
Research Asisstant Erkan KIYMIK
Research Asisstant Mehmet Halil YABALAR
Professor Celal KORAŞLI

Personal Information
Bachelor's Degree : METU
Post Graduate : METU
PhD : METU-Strathclyde University

Phone : (342) 211 80 80-1215
Room :
E-Mail : korasli@hku.edu.tr
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Turkish Electricity Authority as Power Engineer for field testing of high voltage switchgear utilized throughout Turkish Transmission Grid.

Consultant to various industrial plants as Power Engineer for power distribution systems and low voltage electrical installations.

Academic Curriculum Vitae
7. List of Publications:
7.1. Articles Published in International Refereed Journals (SCI & SSCI & Arts and Humanities)
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1 2008

C. KORASLI, "Three-Phase Current Measurement Using Single Toroidal-Core Current Transformer”, Electric Power Components and Systems, vol. 36, no.3, pp 213-223(2008).

2 2007

C. KORASLI, "Line-Current Compensated Single Toroidal-Core Current Transformer for Three-Phase Current Measurement”, IEEE Trans. on Power Delivery, vol. 22, no. 1, pp. 500- 506(2007).

3 2005 C. KORASLI, "Ground Resistance Measurement with Alternative Fall-of-Potential Method", IEEE Trans. on Power Delivery, v.20, n.2, pp. 1657-1661(2005).
4 2004

C. KORASLI and V. Karsli,  "Mobility Estimates of SF6 – Ion in Parent SFGas”, in Gaseous Dielectrics X, ed by Christophorou, et al, Greece, Springer,  pp. 69-74

5 1998 C. Korasli, "Statistical Inference for Breakdown Voltage in SF6 GIS from First Breakdown Data", IEEE Trans. on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, vol. 5, no 4, 596-602(1998).
6 1997
M.O. Hengirmen, A. Nacaroglu and C. KORASLI “Observation of Pre-preakdown Phenomena and Measurement of Dielectric Constant with Microwave in Transformer Oil”, Turkish Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering, v.5, n. 2, pp. 287-296(1997).
7 1995

C. KORASLI, "Robust Determination of Negative Ion Drift Velocities in SF6", Turkish  J. of EE and  Computer. Sciences., vol. 4, no. 2-3, pp. 59-65

8 1992

 F. Yildirim, and C. KORASLI, "Statistical Approach for Determining Breakdown Voltage for Compressed Gas Insulated Systems", IEEE Trans. On Electrical Insulation, vol. 27, no. 6,  1186-1192.

9 1992 C. KORASLI, “Role of 380 kV transmission line for environmental Pollution”, Turkish Journal of Engineering and Enviromental Sciences (Doga), vol. 16, pp. 54-59(1992).


10 1987

F. Yildirim, and C. KORASLI, "Computational Techniques for Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Three-Parameter Weibull Distribution", Communication, Faculty of Science, Univ. of Ankara, vol. 36, no. 2, 143-152

11 1981

C. KORASLI and O. Farish, "Corona and Breakdown in Coaxial- Electrode Geometry in SF6 and SF6-N2 Mixtures", Dielectrics II, Pergamon Press, vol. II, 445-452(1981).

7.5. Articles Published in National Refereed Journals
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1 1993

L. Erzen and C. KORASLI, "Optimum Tower Distribution Along a Transmission Line", Proc. of EE Conf., Trabzon, Sept. 13-18, 1328-1334.

2 1993

 A. Rumeli,  M. Hizal and C. KORASLI, "Model Concept for the Analytical Estimation of Flashover Voltage of Polluted Insulators", Proc. of 5th Nat Conf. on EE, Trabzon, Sept. 13-18, 1328-1334.

3 1992

 C. KORASLI, "The Role of 380-kV Power Transmission Lines on Atmospheric Pollution", Turkish J. of Engineering and Environmental Sciences, vol. 16, 54-58.

4 1991
O. Sevaioglu and C. KORASLI, "Coupling of Generators in Industrial Power    Distribution Systems", Proc of 4th Nat. Conf. on EE, Izmir, Sept 16-22 , 236- 240.
5 1991

 C. Bayram  and C. KORASLI, "CPU-controlled Textile Dying", Proc of 4th National   Conf. on EE, Izmir, Sept 16-22 , 194-197(1991).

6 1989

C. KORASLI, "Measurement of Voltage-time Characteristics in Concentric-     Coaxial    Geometry Insulated with SF6 ", 3rd Nat. Conf on EE, Istanbul, vol. 1/3,     220- 223, Sept. 25-30.

7 1989
C. KORASLI, "Maintenance of Live Transmission Lines", Symposium on Electrical  Switchgear Maintenance, Adana, Sept. 20-23.

8 1989

C. KORASLI," Lightning Protection of Long Buildings", Symposium on Electrical Switchgear Maintenance, Adana, Sept. 20-23.

9 1988

C. KORASLI, " Estimation of Ionization Coefficient in SF6-N2 Mixtures", 2nd  Electromechanical Symposium, Bursa, 230-236, Sept 20-23.

10 1987

C. KORASLI, " Temporal variation of Ion Densities in Compressed SF6 and SF6  Insulated Concentric-Coaxial Geometry", 2nd National Conf. on EE, Ankara, vol.  2/2, 676-679, Sept. 23-25.

11 1986

C. KORASLI, "Automatic Preparation of Compressed Gas Mixtures", Proc. of 2nd  Nat. Mechanical Eng.  Symp., Gaziantep, 328-331, Sept. 22-25.

12 1986

C. KORASLI, "Role of Transmission Lines on Environmental Pollution",  Environment' 86, Univ. of Inonu, Malatya, 128-136,June 5-7.

13 1985

C. KORASLI, " Statistical Approach for determining Breakdown Voltage of Compressed Gas Insulated Systems", Proc. of 1st Nat. Conf. on EE, Adana, 221-228, Sept. 25-27.

7.6 Other Publications
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1 2010

“Fundamentals of  Electrical Installations" Univ. Gaziantep Press.

2 1999

"Interior Lighting Design", Compiled and Printed Short Course Notes, 1999.

3 1998 "Power System Grounding", Compiled and Printed Short Course Notes, 1998.
4 1994

M6802 Microprocessor-A Study Course with Applications", Univ. of Gaziantep Press,

5 1987

"Dc and Ac Circuit Laboratory Manual", Univ. of Gaziantep Press, 1987

9. Administrative Duties
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1 1994-1996

University of  Kahramanmaras, Türkiye.   Head to the Department of Technical Programs, Vocational School, University of  Kahramanmaras.

2 1987-1994

University of Gaziantep, Turkey.  Director of Computer Center, Faculty of Engineering.

3 1987

METU-Gaziantep Extension Campus,  Turkiye. Vice Dean to the Faculty of Engineering.

4 1984-1986

METU-Gaziantep Extension Campus,  Turkiye.  Vice Chairman: Dept. of Electrical Engineering.

11. Awards:
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1 1995-1997

Turkish Scientific and Research Council. Research  Grand for "Investigation of Discharge Behaviour of PXE-based Insulants" (1995-1997).

2 1995-1997

University of Gaziantep Research Grand for "Visual Investigation of Discharge Development in Mixtures of PXE and PCB Insulants (1995-1997).

3 1974-1981 METU Research Grand for Postgraduate Studies for a duration of four years (1974-1981)
4 1968-1972

 METU Private Scholarship for Undergraduate Studies for a duration of four years (1968-1972).